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#130 Franchising in Property Management Ft. Randall Henderson

Franchising in Property Management can eliminate pain points and result in tremendous growth (and profits!). Randall Henderson of Property Management, Inc. explains the benefits of franchising in property management, how it works, and how to create growth with lead generation and even HOA! Transcrip...

#129: Property Management Coaching

Finding the right coach in any industry can be a game changer, especially in property management.  Kathleen is a property management coach who has helped property managers achieve big goals, hit impressive growth numbers, and execute a game plan for success. Today she shares her expertise, tips...

#128: Review of Rentvine

Brad is joined by Rentvine's David Borden to talk about the software, new features, and all the ways it can streamline your operations.  Melissa Sharone shares her first hand experience of implementing Rentvine in her property management company. In this episode we hear from the people behi...

#127: The Benefits of PestShare

Learn how you can benefit (and profit) with PestShare pest control. Eliminate the risk of property damage, moving costs, and even lawsuits by getting those pests under control.  PestShare works similar to a 'CooP' and Brad talks with Landon Cooley about all the benefits for property man...

#126 Improving Sales at Rentwerx

Brad and Debbie share the day of consulting at Rentwerx to increase sales and expand on new opportunities to generate revenue within the property management industry.

#125 Conversation with Robert Gilstrap on the CDC Moratorium

Brad Larsen is joined by Robert Gilstrap, who is leading the fight against the CDC's moratorium on rent and evictions.  The Supreme Court determined that the CDC did not have the authority to enforce the moratorium, so why is the government continuing to force property owners to follow it? ...

#124 Conversation with Ray Hespen from Property Meld

On this episode of the Property Management Mastermind Podcast Brad is joined by Ray Hespen of Property Meld where they talk about turning property owners into investors, how much money you can make with in house maintenance, and learning what to outsource.

#123 A Conversation with Shawn Johnson of HomeVault

Brad Larsen talks with Shawn Johnson of HomeVault about raising private money vs. venture cap funds, how to use your business to do other things and accomplish bigger goals, plus so much more in this new episode!

#122 Introducing Pure With Michael Catalano.

On today's podcast Brad Larsen talks with Michael Catalano about the initiation and development of "Pure," a property management company. Mike has had a long career in property management and he talks with Brad about the new venture, as well as current topics of debate such as the evic...

#121 Marquee Speaker at PMMCON 2021 Rob Hahn

It's almost time for PMMCON, so Brad is bringing on Marquee speaker Rob Hahn to discuss what his presentation at the conference will be like. They also talk about the real estate market in general and how it relates to property management, plus where his research is pointing to for the future an...

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The Host of this Podcast is Brad Larsen from San Antonio, Texas. Brad is the founder and owner of RentWerx, one of the fastest growing residential Property Management companies in Texas that currently manages over 700 single family homes.