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#179 Best Practices for the Property Management Agreement

Jun 03, 2024 by Brad Larsen

Join Brad Larsen, property management maven and the brains behind the Property Management Mastermind Facebook group, as he unfolds the essentials of crafting effective property management agreements. With years of honing the perfect agreement through his experience managing over 1,000 homes with RentWerx Property Management, Brad shares invaluable insights derived from the evolution of their custom agreement, designed to protect both property managers and owners. This episode delves deep into groundbreaking practices, including the development of the "Owner Benefits Package," which revolutionizes property maintenance and client satisfaction, all while embracing a transparent fee structure and the power of digital automation for seamless client onboarding.

Dive into a discussion enriched with innovative clauses, technology-driven solutions for agreement management, and strategic partnerships that elevate the property management game. Whether you are new to the field or looking to enhance your existing agreements, Brad's expert guidance, rooted in real-world examples and bolstered by a forward-thinking approach, offers a comprehensive roadmap to mastering property management agreements and fostering enduring relationships with property owners.

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About The Host

The Host of this Podcast is Brad Larsen from San Antonio, Texas. Brad is the founder and owner of RentWerx, one of the fastest growing residential Property Management companies in Texas that currently manages over 700 single family homes.