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Business Development Toolkit

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Business Development Toolkit 2.0

Author: Brad Larsen, Brian Hughes


How effective your sales process is will determine how many new homes you are able to add under management – bottom line.  If you don’t have a regimented process to handle new leads, real estate agents, or self-managing investors; you will miss out on homes that your competitors will scoop up.

Don’t leave your leads to languish on a scrap of paper somewhere, or lost in a CRM you don’t fully understand how to use.  Take the proven system that has lead to over 1,100 doors being added in the past 3 years.  More than 1 door per day for 3 years and counting.  Take our system, make it your own, and follow the steps – simple as that.

We think this information is so valuable that we are offering it with a money back guarantee!  If you don’t think this package will help your business, we will gladly refund your money.

What’s Included:

A Proven Sales Process through LeadSimple

Are you using text messages, video, emails, and phone calls to contact every lead, every time?  If not, you should be, and this sales process, if followed, will ensure you do.  Follow the instructions listed, set up your sales process in a couple hours, and then follow instructions – easy as that.  This program is meant to maximize the closing ratio of your business development team while ensuring leads are not falling through the cracks.  Because, at most PM companies -they are!

THREE Email Drip Campaigns for New Leads, Real Estate Agents, and Self-Managing Investors

Keep in contact with your leads without having to write up dozens of emails per day and stay in contact with those agents you met at the last networking event.  That owner who said they were going to manage the home themselves – how long do you think that will last?  By keeping in touch through targeted drip campaigns, when they throw their hands up – they call you!

Scripts to Book Appointments, Cold Call FRBO’s, and get your owners talking 

These are the scripts the RentWerx team uses and the results they have produced speak for themselves.  Don’t recreate the wheel, let us give you the guidebook. 

Bonus:  Also included are outlines for several marketing materials.  We give you the format, you input your information and produce a quality marketing piece in no time!