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Larsen Properties Bundle

Larsen Properties Bundle

Author: Brad Larsen


Exclusively put together for the LPMA 2017 conference – this download of information is full of material to help you improve your property management company.

It will only be available for two weeks after the conference is over.

Inside this package:


    Don't miss a step on what to do when you manage a new home, creating a new lease, lease renewal, checkslists, and more!​
    • Appfolio Checklist: If you use Appfolio, this checklist will go through the best features of this service, to make sure you don't miss anything for new on renewal tenants!
    • New Home Checklist: It's awesome when you add a new home to your home listing. Be sure that it is properly registered on your system, and ways to market the home even better.
    • Move Out Procedures Checklist: Make sure that your procedures are on point! Don't miss anything on the transition of a tenant moving out.
    • +4 More Checklists to have your procedures running properly!

    A bundle of great notes of different conferences like NARPM, Owner-Broker Retreat, and the Social Media Conferences.
    • Social Media Marketing Work 2017 Conference: get insight on the trends for marketing your company, ideas, examples and more!
    • NARPM Ower-Broker 2016 Retreat: Get the best ideas written down of the conferences held no this retreat. Metric ideas, trending practices to improve your business and more!
    • The First 600 Homes Were Easy: Presentation of Owner/Broker of Larsen Properties held on the NARPM Owner/Broker 2017 Retreat. Get insight on what the company did to grow to be the fastest growing company in San Antonio, Texas.
    • +6 more documents full of notes of different conferences.

    Access to all kinds of document for employees to keep track of their performance.
    • Policy Waving Late Fee: Educate your employees with wording and reasons why there is a zero tolerance for late payments.
    • Policy and Procedure Manual: Make sure that you let your employees know the company mission, vision, values, rules, etc.
    • Portfolio Manager Report: Improve how you track KPI's and reports for you portfolio managers, to help them improve month to month and make sure the job is getting done.
    • +8 other documents with ideas to implement on your business related to your employees.

    We cover all kind of forms and letters when leasing a home. From application approval, to what to do when they offer less in rent.
    • Screening Criteria and Disclosure: Make sure you let your future tenant know what they need to be eligible for a home. With improved practices over the year and have top quality tenants for your home owners!
    • Signed Lease Template: Take notes on how a successful property management proceeds to rent an approved lease, what are the next steps and how you can add for positive client experience.
    • Offering Less in Rent: So, your tenant wants to offer less in rent. That is very common and so easy to get headaches from this. Learn ups and downs from this situation and how you can learn to handle it better.
    • +20 documents regarding leasing procedures.
  • 5. Liberty Management Incorporated CHECKLIST

    Over +50 documents to cover the rental process of a home.
    • Applications: Make your procedures complete and fast when you prepare a tenant for move in, notifying home owner that the home has been leased and more.
    • Security Deposit Notice: Check a Final Letter Notice for a tenant disputing a security deposit. Why it was rejected but remaining neutral to the situation.
    • Lease Violation: Be on top of the issue with this documents for lease violations, how to remain neutral and make sure that is always informed.

    Make sure you have the best procedures for Lockbox access!
    • Lockbox Maintenance Access: Add value to your tenants and reduce incoming office traffic with this easy to use feature.
    • Optional Lockbox Move in and Move out procedures: If you add this feature to your tenants, make sure to make it smooth to them and you when moving in or out of a home.

    Keep track of maintenance.
    • Preventative Maintenance Service Program: Check out this successful program where tenants can opt in or opt out from this program to keep their home in excellent conditions.
    • Preferred Vendor Agreement: Make sure your preferred vendors know your policy!

    Make sure your marketing money is well invested. Here are ideas that work to attract new Leads. We have put together marketing material, like GUARANTEE BADGES, Flyers, Brochures, etc. to promote special services, what makes you better form others and more!

    All you need to do and need to inform when a tenant is moving in or out of a home!
    • Cleaning Services: By request of many tenants and home owners, you can offer cleaning services to make sure the house is always ready to receive a new tenant.
    • Early Termination: Implement this agreement for both Tenants and Home Owners, to make sure you and the home owner don't loose money when a tenant wants to move out earlier that agreed.
    • Tenant Charges: What is right to charge a tenant? Here is a list of what you can offer to the tenant, price included.
    • +10 other forms related to move in and move out activities.

    Check out Property Management Plans for different types of programs.
    • Property Management Agreement (Silver, Gold and Platinum): Check out this plans for home owners, the benefits of each plan so you can implement new features in to your business.
    • Professional Photography: A perfect way to add value to your company is giving the option of professional photography. Visuals mean a lot more when renting a home.
    • Property Management Interview: Ever wonder what to ask to a new home owner prospect? Here is what you need to know!
    • +15 more documents on different agreements.
  • 11. RG-PM FILES

    Over +100 files full of letters, forms, documents and guidance for each key contact point of Property Management.
    • Vendor Forms: Make sure you have the best of the best on vendors to complement the services you provide as property manager.
    • Tenant Forms: This and a lot of more form for Tenants to make sure you get reliable tenants every time.
    • Owner Forms: Perfect your system with the procedures related to home owners.

    Learn how to manage security deposits the right way! From requirement letters to disputes.
    • Owner and Broker Security Deposit Concerns: Security deposits can get complicated, this documents goes though all the issues that may come up at the end of a lease.
    • Security Deposit Review Response and Agreement: Always make sure you investigate deeply in all issues that a tenant may have to ensure fairness for both home owner and tenant.
    • Dispute Resolution Agreement: When a dispute is on, this letter will help you to stay in control of the situation, and remain neutral every step of the way.
    • +5 other documents with ways to help you improve.

    All you need for your tenants, from a welcoming handbook to notice letters for late payments.
    • Tenant Handbook: Give your tenants a big welcome and keep them well informed about procedures, rules and general information.
    • Failure to Pay Balance: Sometimes automatic payments don't go through. Let them know to avoid any late fees.
    • Application Checklist: Make sure and new applicants go through the same process every time and don't miss to check and document every step of the way.