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#95 Phil Owen - Periodical and Move-In Inspections During COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020 by Brad Larsen

Is your management company still doing periodic inspections with the COVID-19 virus running rampant? Listen as Brad and his guest, Phil Owen, discuss this in-depth on this episode of Property Management Mastermind Show. Phil is the CEO of OnSight PROS; they have been doing 3rd party move in, move out, and periodic reports for property managers for about ten years. 

Phil speaks about the need for hands-on inspections, how his team is protecting themselves from COVID-19, and what to do if the tenant does not want you in the house. He shares the technology his company has designed that will replace the pen and paper walk through that tenants do when they move into a property and the cost of the app for the management company and tenants.

Listen as Phil shares how the ‘My Walk Thru’ app allows social distancing in this time of uncertainty, and the way the app can work for security deposit documentation. Phil also describes how the 360-degree camera functions and the fact that it provides a more straightforward method to display the property if you need to go to court. He gives examples of how this has helped property managers in the past.

COVID-19 is scary, but Phil’s company has found a way that allows you to continue doing your inspections while keeping yourself and your tenants safe. Listen as Phil shares all the benefits of what OnSight PROS can do. If you are on the fence, you will definitely want to listen to this episode.

Show Notes

[02:45] Phil, welcome to the show!

[02:47] Phil shares some background about OnSight PROS and its growth.

[04:03] He speaks about some periodic inspections that need to happen, especially now with the COVID-19 virus.

[05:50] Should we still do checks before renewals? Should we let the tenant take pictures and do their inspections?

[08:51] Phil describes what they are doing to protect themselves from the virus when they are doing investigations.

[10:07] Phil tells his employees that if they have any symptoms stay home, and they have been asking the tenant if anyone in the home has symptoms.

[13:00] Management companies have to work with the tenants because if they don’t want you in the house, don’t force the issue.

[15:05] Phil gives us an example of a situation they had with a client who thought they had an inspection when they had a condition report.

[16:51] Phil shares the technology they use called My Walk Thru that will replace the tenants’ move-in report.

[21:13] What is the cost of the app that your company has designed?

[23:28] Phil believes that about 70% of the tenants turn the walkthrough information into the management company.

[25:08] Brad speaks about social distancing and how this technology can let the tenant maintain that while still allowing the management company to know the condition of the property.

[27:18] Phil chats about the way the app works for security deposit documentation.

[29:35] He details the way the tenant can use the Walk Thru app to disclose any issues they find with the property with the 360-degree cameras.

[31:39] What do you think about the technology behind the 360-degree camera?

[33:35] If you are not in a PROS market, can you still use the app?

[36:11] Phil says although they don’t have any of the training documents on their website, they do a blog about some things that people ask on LinkedIn.

[37:22] Thank you so much for being on the show today, Phil!

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