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#91 John Warrillow – Speaker at PMMCON 2020

Jan 21, 2020 by Brad Larsen

Welcome to the Property Management Mastermind show with your host Brad Larson. Brad is speaking with John Warrillow, who will be a speaker at the Property Management Mastermind Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, March 3rd. John is the host of the podcast Built to Sell Radio and an author of two books. He helps entrepreneurs and business owners improve the value of their company. He has worked with over 50,000 businesses so far.

John describes the books he has written. ‘Built to sell’ is about creating a business that can run without you, and ‘The Automatic Customer’ is how to build a recurring income. John also gives a teaser about his upcoming seminar at PMMCon on March 3rd, what you will learn and how that can positively affect your business. 

John also discusses a recent episode of his podcast with his guest Scott Ramon and why strategic acquirers wanted to buy Scott’s company. He speaks about what strategic acquirers are, what they are trying to accomplish, why a bidding war is what you want, and why an exclusive deal is the worst thing you can fall into. John also says that telling your employees that you are selling your business before you have the check is in your hand is the worst thing you can do.

Listen in as John talks about his Built to Sell webpage and the Value Builder System. He explains what they do and how they can double the value of your business. He believes that the key to successfully selling your company is how you treat your employees. If you want to sell your company at double the value, you don’t want to miss this episode. So plugin and enjoy.

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Show Notes

[02:40] John, welcome to the show!

[02:50] John tells us a little about himself and his background.

[03:49] He describes what his first book is about.

[06:00] John talks about his second book and how that applies to property managers.

[08:09] He gives us a story about what happened at a talk he has given recently.

[09:33] Can you give us a teaser about what your seminar is about at PMMCon?

[11:09] Has your company stopped growing because you have maxed out what you can do? You need to listen to John’s seminar.

[15:17] John speaks about episode 219 of his podcast Built to Sell Radio and the advice he would give anyone who wants to be in the same position as his guest.

[18:51] Is a bidding war an acceptable practice?

[22:11] Telling your employees that you are selling the business before the check is in your hand is a big mistake.

[24:00] They key to successfully selling your company is how you treat your employees.

[24:49] Can you describe the Built to Sell webpage and the Value Builder System?

[27:05] Thank you, John, for your time, and I can’t wait to hear you speak at PMMCon.

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