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#9 Tips & Strategies for Investments with David Holt

Apr 05, 2017 by Brad Larsen
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This week, I’m bringing you a conversation with Dave Holt. One of the benefits of doing this is that I know these guys well and can personally vouch for their expertise in their niches.

Dave is the owner of a property management company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s been involved in the property management industry for around 20 years and is a past NARPM president.

In this episode, Dave will talk in great detail about investments. He shares his tips and strategies for how he does his own investments, and shares the techniques he uses to find and buy investment properties. He also explains that when you manage single-family homes, you have some unique advantages when it comes to investing in them.

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from this episode, which we recorded on location in Las Vegas at the NARPM Broker/Owner Conference.

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The Host of this Podcast is Brad Larsen from San Antonio, Texas. Brad is the founder and owner of RentWerx, one of the fastest growing residential Property Management companies in Texas that currently manages over 700 single family homes.