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#85 Andrew Reece – Keynote Speaker at PMMCON 2020

Oct 30, 2019 by Brad Larsen

Property Management Mastermind, Welcomes Andrew Reece, Co-Founder of Inspect Real Estate. He built a property management company in Australia from scratch and transitioned that into property management software to further industry development. We are lucky enough to have Andrew as a keynote speaker at the Property Mangement Mastermind Conference in March of 2020.

Andrew went to university for accounting. Once he graduated, he became an accountant for realtors and real estate agents. He was involved in bringing the ReMax franchise to Australia, which was his entry into real estate as an accountant for the real estate industry. He opened up his agency, ProRentals, with 31 properties under management and grew that to 1756 within ten years.

Listen for a sneak peek of what Andrew is going to present during his class at the Property Mangement Mastermind Conference. It’s a well-known fact that the US is about ten years behind Australia in the real estate industry, and Andrew is the one to help get everyone up to speed. He is going to let everyone in on what has worked for him, what didn’t, and how his property management software can be an asset.

They discuss the differences between property management in Australia and the United States, the regulations, and how much harder it is to get a lender to here in the states. They do roll playing with a script that Andrew’s team uses to get owners that self rent to discuss using a property management company and the value they bring.

Andrew speaks about how they developed the industry tracking software and how it has evolved into the tracking mechanism for all facets of management. He talks about how it helps workflow from maintenance requests to vendors to knowing the job is, and this is just a small part of the whole program.

This episode is one of a kind, and we are fortunate to be able to talk to Andrew and fortify ourselves with knowledge from someone who started as an accountant and now has over 2500 offices that focus on Inspectrealestate.com.au. Grab a pen and paper because you will want to take notes as you listen.

Show Notes

[02:53] Welcome to the show, Andrew!

[03:24] Andrew gives us a brief rundown of who he is, what he does, and why he does it.

[06:20] Andrew discusses the software they developed and how it has grown.

[08:03] They discuss their maintenance software that helps the workflow side.

[09:16] Andrew talks about a tracking device they have on the keys to make sure they have been properly checked out.

[10:17] He chats about all the ways they track leads, sales inquiries, and other sources to stay on top of any business leads.

[13:13] Andrew discusses what his presentation will be about at the conference.

[16:05] They examine the deck of cards with tips on how to follow up.

[18:50] Andrew discusses the financial calculators that are on his website and how they work.

[20:33] How much are selling for in New Zealand and Australia?

[23:15] He talks about the rent roll lenders in Australia and the difference between the two countries.

[25:45] Andrew chats about how they began developing the software and how it increased their business.

[27:40] What do we have here in the US that you don’t have in Australia? 

[28:44] What do you have in Australia that we don’t have here in the states?

[31:48] They roleplay renting a property. Andrew shows Brad how he gets the owner to use a property management company.

[35:39] Andrew speaks about the other stuff he is going to talk about at the conference.

[38:13] What motivates you? Money? Time off? Competition?

[39:35] Thank you for being on the show today!

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