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#79 Interview with Nicholas Cook

Aug 09, 2019 by Brad Larsen

Welcome to the show! Today’s guest is Nicholas Cook from Rise Realty Inc. and Sleep Sound Property Management Inc. in Portland Oregon. Nicholas is in studio today to talk to me about Culture Index and the rules and regulation changes in the state of Oregon and in the city of Portland.

Brad asks Nicholas about being in San Antonio this week, the ins and outs of his newest acquisition and how they are using Cultural Index to make sure they have the correct people in place throughout their company.

They run through the issues his company will have with the new regulations and how it will affect his tenants. How Oregon is requiring all rental properties to be registered and what they are going to do with the data, also how hard it will be to raise the rent and evict renters if the need exists.

Listen in to this conversation and see if your area could benefit from these new laws or if they are just adding salt to the wounds of a market already in distress.

Show Notes

[03:04] Brad introduces Nicholas and discusses their day.

[04:26] Nicholas tells us why he is in San Antonio.

[05:30] What is the culture of Nicholas’s company?

[07:25] Why is the Culture Index an important hiring tool?

[09:00] With all of the hiring tools out there why is Nicholas going with Cultural Index?

[11:21] Nicholas talks about a current acquisition his company is moving forward with.

[14:10] What was the initial first step of this acquisition?

[15:09] What was the second step? Did you lawyer up?

[16:16] What steps has Nicholas put in place for adoption integration?

[19:39] Brad talks about John Warrillow and Matt Whitaker being speakers at the PMM Conference.

[21:57] What is the licensing requirements when you are working in two states Oregon and Washington?

[24:14] What is going on in Oregon with state regulated rent control? Relocation? What is the reason to not renew?

[34:03] What will the fallout of these regulations be?

[35:08] Who is helping you fight these rules?

[36:20] What is Portland’s screening criteria? How has that changed?

[41:17] How can you protect your tenants with these new laws?

[41:51] Portland requires each rental property to be registered, where is that data going?

The money?

[47:49] What have you implemented in the last 12 months that you are excited about?

[51:54] How good will Nicholas look in a tuxedo at the PMM Conference?

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