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#5 Mastering Fee Maximization with Darren Hunter

Feb 27, 2017 by Brad Larsen
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My guest on this episode, Darren Hunter, is an expert in fee maximization. Just as importantly, as you’ll hear him describe in great detail, he understands the mindset challenges that need to be overcome to effectively implement fee maximization. For much of this conversation, we go behind talking about that implementation into the mindset of the company owner and staff members.

Darren started as a property manager in 1989 in Adelaide, South Australia. He went on to become a state property manager with a well-known Australian real estate brand, for which he impressively managed 28 other property managers over 18 offices spread over a third of the country.

For the last 11 years, Darren has been a full-time professional property management trainer and consultant. He runs the PM Power Nuts & Bolts Webinar Series, which addresses some of the topics we’ll cover in this episode along with many others.

Much of our focus will be on that question of mindset, which I mentioned at the beginning of this introduction. Darren, we learn, struggled for a couple years because of his own low self-esteem and poor confidence. From there, he learned about the law of the fee lid, which says that your mindset and level of belief determines your fees, and you cannot do any better than what you believe you’re worth.

It’s natural to be hesitant about raising fees over fear that you might lose business. In this episode, Darren also goes into important depth about why losing some business through fee maximization is actually a good thing, and he and I use several examples to illustrate this point.

You can find Darren here:

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