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#35 Brad Larsen on Best Practices & Industry Thoughts

Mar 15, 2018 by Brad Larsen
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I love offering listeners fantastic benefits, such as some great discounts for products. These include the PM Grow Summit, website production through Property Managed Website, showing services through Tenant Turner, and more, with new offers coming all the time! You can see a complete list of the current offers at propertymanagementmastermind.com. For all of these offers, use the discount code “Brad” to secure your discount. Today’s episode is going to be a different style! It’s always an honor to share my guests’ wisdom with you, but today I want to share some tips and insights of my own, so I’ll be doing a monologue. You’ll hear about some great things going on in the property management industry, best practices and techniques, and some of the questions I hear a lot. You’ll hear about my property management company, RentWerx, that has experienced a 35% year-over-year growth and currently manages 840 single-family homes. I’ll talk about why we count homes versus properties, and what the magic number is (profit per month per door that you manage). I’ll also talk about the reason I started this podcast, and why it’s so important to me to see the property management industry get better as a whole. I’ll also touch on my future goals, including the book I plan to write! Podcasting is going to be the new radio. Since you’re here listening to this, you’re probably already aware of that and ahead of the curve! Right now, it’s still a relatively young industry that’s fairly easy to break into, but that’s already changing. If you want to get into podcasting, now is the time to do it… and if you want to learn how to get into it, you’ll want to listen to my talk at the upcoming NARPM Broker Owner Conference. I’ll talk about plenty of other hot topics including our eight fantastic team members (not just virtual assistants!) in Mexico, the value of Facebook marketing and how we use it, the importance of search engine optimization, some great projects we have going on, and finally an exciting announcement about our upcoming expansion!

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About The Host

The Host of this Podcast is Brad Larsen from San Antonio, Texas. Brad is the founder and owner of RentWerx, one of the fastest growing residential Property Management companies in Texas that currently manages over 700 single family homes.