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#29: John Bradford with PetScreening.com

Dec 28, 2017 by Brad Larsen
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A little pre-show information about John Bradford who’s here from petscreening.com One of the things we talked about in the interview that we forgot to mention is that he catches 32% of the assistance animals have disappeared after they were asked for more information. So essentially almost a third of the applicants after they apply through petscreening.com disappear after they get asked a question. In other words he’s weeding out the pets who owners are illegitimately trying to push through as assistance animals.

He’ll offer a discount code to waive the first hour of integration into your software. As usual, use the promo code “Brad” to access this offer! To take advantage of it, you can email info@petscreening.com. Talk about petscreening.com. John’s been putting this out for a few months, saw it at the Orlando conference and was really excited about it. He’s graciously agreed to come on the show today to talk more about pet screening. He’s been on Fox News.

He’s been a property manager for 13 years, so he understands why pet screening is so important. Based in the Charlotte region, has about 30 employees, single family property management. He also has a political career, serves in the North Carolina House of Representatives and has developed a reputation as the go-to-guy not only for real estate and property management issues, but also issues surrounding assistance animals.

His three things for his vision: 1. Pet screening to reduce the liability for property managers and owners. 2. Didn’t want it to cost the housing provider or owner a single penny. 3. Wanted a product that would drive new revenue streams around pets.

He ranks pets on a scale of 1-5 paws based on a complex algorithm. This includes shot records, microchipping, breed, and more.

Here’s where you can find John:

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