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#107 Rent Bridge - System Automation Inside of a Property Management Company

Oct 27, 2020 by Brad Larsen

Welcome to this episode of the Property Management Mastermind Show with your host, Brad Larsen. Today, Brad's guests are Heather and Michael Park from Rent Bridge, a property management company in the Dallas area. Listen as they discuss process automation, all the cool stuff they have going on at Rent Bridge, some industry trends, and much more.

Michael discusses the automation system he designed for his own company that has become the Rent Bridge model. Heather shares the top products they offer property management companies, and Michael speaks about how their renewal system, their process for renewals, and the options that the tenants have.

Heather talks about the cost of the automation system and how it depends on the size of the company and how much automation they require. She also shares the return on investment and the time frame involved with changing your system to full automation.

Listen, as Heather and Micheal speak about the marketing side of Rent Bridge and the new DIY option, they are rolling out for companies that cannot afford the full version. They also discuss the new systems and products they are offering soon and what the first steps are to learn more about automation. 

In this episode:

[02:05] Welcome to the show, Heather and Michael Park!

[03:00] Heather shares about Rent Bridge and what they do.

[05:18] Michael speaks about his background and why he got into property management.

[08:10] Michael discusses automation and the system he built that ended up being the model for their own management company.

[09:26] They believe they don't sell property management services; we sell communication.

[11:53] Heather speaks about the top products they offer property management companies.

[14:16] Michael does a deep dive into their renewal system.

[17:00] Brad discusses rate increases and how automation can keep the increase incremental.

[21:07] Michael shares how automated renewal integrates other systems and their process for renewals.

[22:27] Brad talks about what can happen when you renew without owners' approval.

[24:27] With automation, you have consistent communication with the property owners.

[25:02] Michael speaks about how the automated renewal system works and the options the tenants have.

[28:49] Brad discusses how consistency fits into the fair housing model.

[29:43] Heather speaks to the cost of process automation.

[31:33] She discusses what a typical client will pay, but it all depends on how big the business and how much automation they want.

[33:17] Heather talks about what the return on investment is.

[35:03] What is the time frame for setting up an automated system?

[38:44] Michael talks about the most logical and fastest way to onboard the automation system.

[39:57] Heather speaks about the marketing automation piece they are rolling out and a DIY version for people who can't afford the full version.

[42:05] Michael shares more things they are rolling out soon.

[44:51] Heather and Michael discuss the next steps if you are interested in more information.

[45:33] Thank you both for being on the show!

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