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#103 Rod Khleif on Multi-Family Investing Mindset, and One Hell of a Good Story

Jul 31, 2020 by Brad Larsen

Brad's guest today is Rod Khleif. Rod is a multi-family real estate investor, business consultant, and high-performance coach. Listen as they discuss the multi-family success mindset and some outstanding stuff on this episode of The Property Management Mastermind Show.

Listen, as Rod shares how he lost 50 million dollars and recouped it. Rod explains that he had single-family homes and multi-family homes in 2008 when the stock market crashed. His multi-family properties flourished while his single-family homes took him to the cleaners. Rod shares the goal-setting process that brought him back financially.

Rod discusses what he focuses on when he starts a business, the difference between purchasing single-family homes versus multi-family homes, and how the value of a multi-family property is determined. Rod also talks about the management and tenant side of the business and what he believes will happen to property owners next year.

Rod speaks about his podcast called Lifetime Cash Flow and what is happening in the commercial, private, and retail sectors during this COVID-19 crisis. Next year Rod believes the market will open up, so have your money ready if you want to invest in multi-family properties. 

Rod has been in the business for many years and lost more money than most of us will ever see. His insights into multi-family properties are unique and something you don't want to miss, so sit back, relax, and get ready to be motivated.

 In this episode:

[02:09] Welcome to the show, Rod!

[02:12] Listen as Rod shares his background, and how his business is doing today.

[04:47] Rod speaks about losing 50 million dollars in 2008.

[07:27] Why should you buy multi-family properties?

[09:51] In 2008, Rod's houses brought him down, but his multi-family properties flourished.

[11:38] Rod shares the steps to his goal-setting process.

[13:46] Rod speaks about the books he has written.

[16:35] Listen as Rod shares the last two steps to his goal-setting process.

[19:18] Rod shares some examples of how he pictured his goals and made them come true.

[23:01] When starting a business, what do you focus on?

[25:39] Rod shares the things he looks for when he starts businesses.

[27:31] Rod discusses the differences between purchasing single-family homes and multi-family.

[29:25] The value in a multi-family property is based on a multiple of the net income.

[33:48] Rod speaks about the management and tenant's side of the business.

[36:36] Rod shares what he thinks will happen with property owners during this crisis.

[39:36] Rod discusses the commercial, private and retail sectors and how they are doing right now.

[42:04] Rod talks about his podcast called Lifetime Cash Flow.

[43:42] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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