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Marc Cunningham - Top 12 Property Management Forms

Top 12 Forms you need for your PM Business

Author: Marc Cunningham


Whether you are just starting your property management company, or you are a long time veteran; you need to ensure that you have up-to-date legal forms. The below package is a compilation of the Top 12 (but we are giving you 14!) most important forms you need for your business. These are the actual forms we use in our business and are delivered in .docx format so that you can edit them for the way YOU do business.


Product details

These are the actual forms that we use in working with our Landlord-Clients and our Residents. All forms are fully editable in .docx format and delivered by download.

  • Management Agreement
  • Prospective Owner Questionnaire *helps you pre-qualify a prospective owner-client
  • Rental Application
  • Lease Agreement
  • Pets - Lease Addendum
  • Crime Free / Drug Free - Lease Addendum
  • Mold - Lease Addendum
  • New Tenant Check-In Form
  • Lease Renewal Form
  • Security Deposit Return Form
  • Property Inspection Report
  • Reasonable Accommodation / Modification Request Form *This allows you to process a tenant requesting to add a service animal.
  • Bonus Form #1 - Assistance Animal Lease Addendum
  • Bonus Form #2 - Our "RentProtect" Management Agreement Addendum. *This allows owners to enroll in a guaranteed rental protection program for a fee.