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Marc Cunningham - How to Market Your Property Management Company

How to Market Your Property Management Company

Author: Marc Cunningham


How much money did you spend on marketing last year? The answer - too much!

Since we started doing video marketing (which is basically free) the results have been awesome! We added more new owners and properties in the past 12 months than in any 12 month period ever in our 40 years - mostly because of our video content marketing (did I mention it is basically free).

In this series we share exactly what we do and how we do it. We even give you our list of 25 topic ideas for you to record, AND our powerpoint template, AND our monthly marketing checklist, AND our marketing mailer flyer AND a video by Marc for you to use on YOUR website.

This is everything you need to market your PM company. I promise you will LOVE this!

Product details

Purchase includes:

  • Session 1: Website essentials
  • Session 2: Why video content marketing
  • Session 3: How to create video content marketing
  • Session 4: What do I do with my video
  • Session 5: The benefits of video content marketing
  • Session 6: Other marketing tips
  • Downloads: Your choice of 1 video by Marc to use on your website, Monthly marketing checklist, 25 video topic ideas, hardmail flyer template, powerpoint template for videos, google request template,
  • Material and teaching also include: what pages you need on your website to maximize your marketing to new clients, what videos to start with, what software to use to create a custom rental analyiss for your potential clients, how to create a personalized video that automatically goes to prospective clients who request info on your PM services, how to increase your online 5-star google reviews, how to set up a powerpoint presentation as talking-points for your videos, tips & tricks to look natural and be comfortable on your videos, how to easily convert your videos to blog-posts