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ne-on-One Consulting with Deb Newell

One-on-One Consulting with Deb Newell

Author: Deb Newell

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Deb offers full service consulting with on-site analysis of the business addressing the complete lifecycle of property management and helping with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the business. From marketing to leasing, to move-in and management, maintenance to move-out, employee structure, to overall business operations, Deb will help address the operational concerns of your business. Many struggle with the implementation of ideas and products; Deb will dive in and help review systems currently in place and review areas of opportunity and need, including implementation of new product or other 3rd party solutions (if needed). Deb’s specialty is the dissecting and fixing the foundation of the business around the culture. Helping PMC’s find areas for growth and stability, and helping drive down expenditures to help with the health of the company overall. She caters her results to the needs of your business.