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Darren Hunter - Zero Tolerance Rent Control

Zero Tolerance Rent Control

Author: Darren Hunter


  • Dramatically reduce your rent arrears at least by half in 4 weeks!
  • Know how to get your serial offenders to pay on time and break bad habits!
  • Be armed with some of the most effective strategies, letters, scripts and tools available!
  • Get your list under control, and keep it under control!

Product details

Get in control, stay in control!

'Serial offending' regular late paying tenants populate rental arrears lists in property management departments everywhere!

You know who they are! They star on your rent arrears list every fortnight and every month! How do you effectively deal with these tenants who insist on continually paying late?

This powerful live seminar Audio CD pack will change your mindset to 'zero tolerance', arm you with effective strategies and equip you with powerful weapons and tools to win the battle once and for all! Many property managers testify that within four weeks of applying these eleven powerful strategies, their rent arrears lists reduced by at least half!

This teaching on zero tolerance strategies is the only teaching of its kind on audio in Australia, and is a must have for every property manager needing results right now!
  • Master rent arrears control by listening in your car between appointments!
  • Eleven power keys to effectively reduce your rent arrears list and stress levels right now!
  • Substantially reduce your eviction rate, tribunal attendance, serving legal forms and landlord insurance claims
  • Be armed with twelve SMS templates, ten high-impact letters, nine shock-tactic scripts and other tools that really work and get results!
  • Also receive MP3 Audio tracks to easily load this teaching straight to your MP3 Player or Smartphone.

Here is what others say about the strategies revealed on this audio CD:

Don't delay and do something serious about dealing with your 'serial offenders'!

Act NOW and get back control!