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Darren Hunter - Win the Business Everytime

Win the Business Everytime

Author: Darren Hunter


  • Feeling the pressure of cheaper competitors discounting to get business?
  • Under-confident with overcoming fee objections?
  • Needing an edge to impress new landlords and get your fees?
  • Know how to beat cheaper competitors and keep them poor!
  • Supplied as an Audio CD, plus MP3 files to load straight onto your MP3 player or smart phone

In easy to understand property management language, this live seminar, step-by-step sales training written just for property managers is packed with tips and secrets for convincing the client to use your services over cheaper competitors.

Product details

When property managers typically get no training on winning new business without discounting their fees, this session will equip you to win profitable business every time with confidence!

  • How to beat the ‘fee question’ interview with one of Australia’s best business development managers (Deniz Yusuf- from bdmcoach.com.au), who signed up 900 properties over 4 years.
  • Confidently win over the prospective landlord with effective scripts that really work!
  • Know how to quickly neutralize common fee objections, gain confidence and walk out with the business.
  • How to use the Property Owner’s Handbook and Tenant Handbook to win over and impress your prospective clients.
  • Beat cheaper competitors and keep them poor!

Designed for the busy property manager, this powerful Audio CD allows you to listen in your car between appointments to become a powerful listing professional.

Don't struggle any longer missing out on new business because another agent has dropped their fees!

Don't delay in making a difference today to your department!

Act NOW and get the business and your fees, and don’t struggle anymore!

Listen to this audio in your car or download to your smartphone or MP3 player!

  • Running time - 100 mins (approx)
  • Mp3 Audio Tracks with download link.
  • Available for Immediate Download.


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