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Darren Hunter - Overcome Discounting

Overcome Discounting

Author: Darren Hunter


  • Winning scripts that really work to overcome the most common and difficult discount requests from prospective clients!
  • How to use effective points of difference to compete on service instead of competing on fees.
  • Understand how discounting is the most expensive point of difference, and how it must be avoided - at all costs!

Product details

Get in control, stay in control!

Most property managers and BDMs, when faced with discount requests from prospective clients don’t know how to respond appropriately and either discount their fees, or simply miss out on the business altogether!

In this fast paced live audio seminar, be equipped with confidence and know how to effectively respond to the most difficult of discount requests, win the business and your fees.

When property management staff gets little to no training in effective scripts to overcome discounting, this audio pack will be one of the most important and profitable resources you will ever learn from!

Know how to respond effectively to these nine common prospective client objections and win the business and your fees:

  • “If you can match your fee with the other agent down the road, we will sign with you!”
  • “The other agent will do it for much less!”
  • “Your fees are too high!”
  • “The other agents will give a discount, why can’t you?”
  • “It’s just a 1% discount!”
  • “But the other agent doesn’t charge those fees. Why do you?”
  • “But the other agent will do all that for X%, with no other fees!”
  • “The other agent doesn’t charge for routine inspections/lease renewals (etc)!”
  • “The other agent will get me a much higher rent!”

What others have said:

  • Running time - 56 mins (approx)
  • Mp3 Audio Tracks with download link.
  • Available for Immediate Download.


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