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Brad Larsen

Brad is the Owner and Founder of RentWerx , in San Antonio and Austin Texas. His company currently manages 900+/- single-family homes, with 30+ staff. As Founder and Owner of PMAV LLC, in San Antonio, Texas, he started the Property Management Mastermind Podcast, created the Property Management Mastermind Facebook Group, started Biz Dev Mastermind Consulting Service. and started the Property Management Mastermind Conference. Brad holds an Associate of Arts Degree from the New Mexico Military Institute, a Bachelor of Science Degree from Morningside University, and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Phoenix. Brad has been a NARPM ® Member since 2014, as well as a presenter, speaker, and exhibitor at NARPM Conferences. He also served as the NARPM Accounting Standards Committee Chair in 2018.

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